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Lance Tuck

Lance is the author and mastermind behind The Paladin Sequence.

His favorite charcter is Lucas Sabbat.

In his downtime he enjoys painting, drawing, and reading comics.

"This story represents about 30 years of development of storylines, characters, and events. We have alot of people who really seem to enjoy what I've created, so with their help, I think the story is in good hands.

Scott Dunn

Scott is the project manger for The Paladin Sequence.

His favorite charcter is Gerald Ironblood.

In his downtime he enjoys building furniture, scuba diving, home renovations, and football.

"After years of listening to Lance tell the stories during tattoo sessions, I read one of Lance's drafts. After that, I knew I had to find a way to get this story out to everyone. The story was too good not to try."

Cindy Joubert-Kelly

Cindy is the graphic artist behind the characters, posters, and book covers. 

Her favorite characters are Matthew Paladin and Ironblood.

In her downtime she enjoys spending time with her husband, dogs, photography, and anything to do with art.

"I am so pumped to be a part of this project. The team is excellent with each of their crafts, and the story itself has me hanging on each page. I cannot wait to read more of the books as they come my way!"

Emily Young

Emily is the graphic designer for the series.

Her favorite character is Matthew Paladin.

In her downtime she enjoys watching Netflix, working in her bookstore, and collecting tattoos.

"This experience has been amazing so far. Discovering this story, meeting these people, and becoming involved in something so exciting that words cannot describe it. And this is just the beginning."