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"I found it fascinating, I couldn't put it down. Read it in less than a day. I think my pulse was up the whole time, it will keep you on edge... :-) This book is certainly on my re-read list for later in the summer, there is a lot to catch and I know the second read will be well worth it."
 -Donovan Haines
"I enjoyed the part when they went back and explained the history of Mathew.  When he was a kid, and how his father was excorsised.  It really let's you define for yourself who Matthew is and who he can become. 

Matthew is my favorite character, he is very complex and has a lot of mystery about him.  It would be nice to see some of Matthews adolescence.  Wan to know what happened to him in his teenage years, if there was anything defining that happened.  Maybe some kind of little back story about Charlene." 
 -Daniel Connerly 
"I've started reading Paladin's journey and it's Constantine meets Exorcist with a little DaVinci Code mixed in with a twist. There is enough of an unknown element to make you curious. I'm interested to see how this story evolves and if Paladin survives this battle with evil."
 -Kristi Bartlett
"A thrilling intense beginning! The story captures you immediately and the characters come to life with the authors brilliant intro. I am so excited to delve deep into his imagination." 
 -Cheryl Palmer